Did you know that sugar can literally destroy your body from the inside out? It affects your metabolism, brain, hormones, digestive health, weight, and everything in between. It’s addictive and consumed in devastating amounts. It’s time for a 21 day sugar detox

Why detox from sugar over 21 days?

In just 21 days, you can reset your habits. You can replace sugar-addiction habits with better, healthier habits based on great foods.

Ready for a nutrition overall and cleanse? Yes! You’re ready for a 21 day sugar detox.

Why You Need a Sugar Detox

Unfortunately, the average American adult consumes 17 teaspoons of sugar each day, and 57 pounds each year (1). For some it’s much higher.

In fact, some adults literally eat sugar at every meal, sometimes without even realizing it. They may not realize their sugar, salad dressing, barbeque sauce, and health-food diet snacks have added sugars.

What’s more, many are in the habit of drinking sugar. This may include dessert-style coffees, high-sugar energy drinks, sugar-loaded smoothies, and sugar-added teas.

Unfortunately, not all sugar looks like sugar. Our bodies break down almost all carbohydrates, even those you might think are healthy, and turn them into a fuel it can use: blood sugar. In fact, almost every starch you eat is sugar in your body. This means most breads, pastas, cereals, etc. are little more than sugar and result in similar outcomes.

It’s time for a 21 day sugar detox!

Many health issues may results from the overconsumption of sugar. These include (2):

Increase in Blood Sugars and Insulin

Sugar digests and absorbs into the bloodstream very quickly after you eat or drink it. Once absorbed, it makes its way to the liver, blood, and eventually, cells. is dumped into the bloodstream and finds its way to cells. Sugar in the blood is very dangerous to the body, so it tries its best to maintain steady blood sugars by sending it into cells. How?

It uses insulin. Insulin “opens cell doors” and allows the sugar in.

This is better than leaving it in the bloodstream, but can still be devastating to human health, weight, chronic disease risk, and wellness.

Increases in Insulin Resistance

The more sugar dumps into the bloodstream, and the more insulin is needed to get it into cells, the more resistant to insulin cells become. This is a horrible negative cycle, and being overweight or obese exacerbates it. What’s more, insulin resistance can cause fat gain and make it harder to lose fat.

Mood and Energy Swings

As the body tries to deal with blood sugar and insulin, the body and brain feel the ups and downs. In fact, blood sugar rises can make you feel energized, only to feel more fatigued as it moves from the blood into the cells. In those with impaired blood sugar controls, this can result in low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is linked to lightheadedness, dizziness, fatigue, and more. It can be a serious condition.

A 21 day sugar detox will energize you and help you feel balanced.

Sugar and Body Fat
With more sugar intake and potential insulin resistance, the body adds fat. Insulin itself is an anabolic hormone, meaning it builds mass (and unfortunately, not muscle mass). If insulin resistance increases, more insulin is needed each time blood sugars become too high. Unfortunately, more insulin equals more fat mass, and more insulin resistance which equals more insulin needed.

How can you stop this cycle? Start by cutting out sugar with a 21 day sugar detox.

Sugar, Insulin Problem and More Health Issues

Obesity and insulin resistance are associated with many chronic diseases. In fact, obesity itself is considered its own chronic disease since 2013 by the American Medical Association (3). Obesity is linked to metabolic syndrome, heart disease, mental decline, cardiovascular disease (4), diabetes (5),and mortality (6). In addition, extra body weight can also negatively affect other conditions and body systems including hypertension (7),bone health, gallstones (8),and more.

Sugar Accelerates Aging and Oral Health Issues

Incredibly, high sugar diets are associated with inflammation, and inflammation can accelerate aging of the skin, cells, and brain. In fact, skin can lose elasticity when blood sugars are chronically high. What’s more, sugar does cosmetic and health damage to the teeth, aging them in appearance and increasing risk of decay.

And, it gets a bit worse. As you read above, almost all carbohydrates, whether from sugar, starches, fruits, or other, become blood sugar?